New Home Contract Review

Interest rates are on the rise and the supply of existing houses is still far below demand. As a result, some consumers are opting to purchase their new home directly from the builder. Buying a new home can be an exciting experience, but it is not without pitfalls and some of those pitfalls are out of your control.

Supply chains have not fully recovered and home builders are still left understaffed and undersupplied. This means fewer new homes and longer waiting periods. It’s important to remember your ideal building schedule is subject to change based on everything from the availability of lumber to the schedule of the roofing contractor. You may have to change course, a few times, before your home is built. However, it’s not all out of your control.

It is critical that you understand the terms contained in your real estate contract with your builder, and all that is – or is not – covered under their written warranty. Every home builder is different which means every contract is different.

A new home is probably one of the biggest financial decisions you will make and by taking steps to fully understand all the critical terms of the real estate transaction you are entering into you are protecting yourself and your real estate investment.

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